My writing covers three broad topics: Adventure Sports, Biological Sciences and Policy, and Public Health.  Most recently, I have been serving as a columnist and Online Curator for Fly Fisherman Magazine, offering analysis on technique, news, and breaking research through the lens of a sport that is intimately tied to the environment.

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Latest published work

After engaging a large online community of professionals on the contentiousness between Legacy Sports and the contemporary Outdoor Industry, I was assigned by a leading trade publication to write this piece on the controversy.


• Equipment reviews can be a great help for new users, but not if they don’t understand the playing field.  Explaining the best gear for a certain activity requires putting things in context, and I was assigned to provide this overview for the readership of Fly Fisherman magazine.


• After being invited by the Ted Turner organization to observe the amazing conservation efforts they have made restoring native trout, I became aware of the startling implications with regards to climate change.

Ted Turner and the Trout

• In my years employed as a fly fishing guide, I had the opportunity to scrutinize the biology of tiny creeks. What I found surprised me.

Small Stream Biomechanics


Recent features

• An assignment piece on fly fishing a relatively overlooked river in Colorado.

• Analysis of legislative initiatives to support the $887 Billion-dollar Outdoor Recreation Economy. Starting on page 46.

• Special to the Denver Post regarding a formerly endangered trout.


• Coverage of an international medical symposium addressing a major and controversial public health issue.


Various essays interpreting breaking research for the readership of Flyfisherman.com.


• How lake bottom insects are crucial to public water quality.

• New genomics research shows that ancient salmon didn’t migrate to the ocean.

• Mercury in fish feed is transferred to high elevation lakes in Europe.

• Genetic analysis of stocked salmon gone wild in Patagonia shows diverse origins.

Surprising research in Colorado indicates certain insects can metabolize something other than oxygen.


• How an endangered species can affect resource management at the policy level.

• Subtle twists in legislation can cause unintended disruptions in public access.

• In Colorado, stream bottoms become a legal battleground.

Corporate advocacy helps fishing guides impacted by hurricanes in the Florida Keys.


My work as a professional fly fishing guide has given me insights, or at least opinions, on how best to catch fish with flies.

High water in rivers during early summer can be a challenge for fly fishermen.

Control is the key to catching trout in fast mountain streams.

• An old style of fly fishing is experiencing a resurgence with updated gear.

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